How To Create A Standard Invoice Using Microsoft Excel Template

How To Create A Standard Invoice Using Microsoft Excel Template

Invoice is one of vital document in a business, it is a document to keep records of products or services provided by a business or company and establishes an obligation on the client to pay those product or services provided.

Whether you are large scale business or a freelancer, we all will need invoice to get paid for the services or products we provided. Having an invoice template can be useful to handle various clients and services, we can save time by reproducing invoices from the same template.

Today, we want to share with you how to create a simple invoice template using Microsoft Excel. We can create our own invoice manually using Software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.

Why Microsoft Excel ?

Microsoft Excel comes with excellent features to handle financial calculations, this will be useful to help us handle calculations in the invoice document.

Let’s get started.

Launch Excel

Excel provides its own invoice templates we can use freely. To use that, we need to go to File menu and select New and type “Invoice” into the search bar.

Excel will show available invoice templates, you can highlight to preview it and click download button to use it.

Custom The Template

Once you’ve picked the template that suits your requirements, you can add personal preference to it, you can change colors, add your own Excel functions or add a company logo.

Fill out the invoice

When the form is ready, we can begin entering information required by your template. Those information can be :

  • Seller Information ( Company Name, Address and Phone Number )
  • Buyer Information ( Company Name, Address and Phone Number )
  • Date of Invoice
  • Invoice Number
  • List of Services or Products Provided
  • Price Information
  • Tax Information
  • Total Amount Due
  • Method of Payment

Save The Final Template

If you are planning to use this template again for different clients, please save this to your computer. The final invoice can be send to your client, you can attach the document or print it out.

That’s all