How To Create An Office Memo With Microsoft Word

How To Create An Office Memo With Microsoft Word

Memo or also known as memorandum is a great tool to communicate information in an office between employer to his employees or employee to colleagues. Employers use memo to deliver information like company decisions, policy changes, while employee may use this for making requests to his/her colleagues.

Memo contains a header section for to whom the message is for, the date and also subject. Below the header is for the body where the message is written and also the signature of the sender.

We can prepare a memo in Word processing Software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Google Docs. In this post, we want to share with you how to create a memo.

Open Microsoft Word

Launch Microsoft Word and go to “file” and click “New”. In the new tab, we can select memo under Templates.



We can use search form to find those memo templates using keyword like “memo”. The choices will be displayed on the panel and we can highlight those choices to preview the memo style. You can choose one of those pre-formatted memo style and click on download to use it.

Edit The Memo

We can begin deleting the filler text and insert our own content to the required fields. We can replace filler text with name, the sender, date and subject.

Save Your Work

We can save the final memo to our local drive for future reference, go to File and click “Save As” or using shortcut ctrl + S / cmd + S. We can print it out if you want to stick this memo to your office board.

That’s all. In the following post, we want to share a number of simple memo examples to inspire those of you who are looking for ideas to create memo for their office.