How To Create Receipt Slip For Your Business

How To Create Receipt Slip For Your Business

We may underestimate a receipt slip and may think it’s just an insignificant and boring piece of paper a business give us after we purchase things and will be throw away. It’s actually more than just a piece of paper, a receipt slip plays a role as legal document that helps us to track things we bought before.

Receipt Slip is a legal document that proof of transaction and ownership and in many cases, this can be used to solve disputes or other transaction issues that might happen after the transaction.

Businesses Use Receipt Slip

They use receipt slips in all of their transactions and they should provide a good receipt slip which is not not only informative but also employs user friendly design.

We can benefit great receipt slip design for not only as proof of transaction but also to elevate our business’s branding. Our Customers and buyers will perceive us as great company if we are able to give them great receipt for their transactions. If our customers feel happy and appreciated, it will make them feel honored and might come back to repeat buying.

How to Design a Great Receipt Slip?

A Great receipt slip design has to include all required information components to the paper, those information components are the company name, address of the company, receipt number, date, item purchased, tax, and total price, and payment method.

Other important aspect of great receipt slip design is the slip layout. A Receipt slip might limit us from adding to much elements to the end result, but we can play more in the font selection and add a personal touch to enhance the receipt slip.

Put Company name and company address

A Great Receipt Slip starts with the company name. The company name is usually put on the header section or the middle top of the receipt. It also printed all capital or with a larger font. Putting the logo of the company is also recommended, this will make the customer aware of your brands.

Give Receipt number and date

Receipt number and date are important things to track the receipt. You could match the number and the date with the company’s database. This will be useful when customers have an issue about their transaction and receipt number can be useful to detect a fake receipt.

List the item purchased

This is the main content of a receipt slip and we can use table to show what the customers bought including the name of items or services, quantity and the price of the item. This should be written correctly and clearly to prevent errors and problems. It will also show that our company is a great professional company. Also avoid using too much abbreviation and unusual font, it will be harder to read and might create miss understanding.

Calculate the subtotal, taxes, and total price

Another important aspect is the amount of money should be paid. We should provide clear calculation for the amount of money our customers should pay to get the listed items including taxes or discounts.

We can also show our customers the money that they are saving if the products they choose have a special discount, this can be effective tactic to build loyalty to our customers.

Specify the payment method

In general, there are three methods of payment : cash, credit, or debt and we need to mention the method of payment customer used during transaction. This will be helpful for both business owners and customers to track the purchase. Make sure the receipt cover all applicable payment method.

That’s all components needed to build a great receipt slip for your business or shop.