How To Easily Create An Expense Report

How To Easily Create An Expense Report

Creating an expense report can be mandatory for companies and/or employees, the report is used by companies and professionals to record and keep track of all expenses related to business.

Employees can use this to claim reimbursement for the expenses incurred during a business trip or for “out-of-pocket reimbursable costs” like purchasing office supplies, entertainment expenses and more. By keeping all of the expenses documented, we can prevent problems during the reimbursement.

In this post, we want to cover how to create an effective expense report that will help employees and professionals keep track of their expenses easily.

What should be included in an expense report?

There are some information required in an expense report such as Employee details (such as name, ID, department), date, list of expenses and signature. It’s strongly recommended to keep all of receipt slips associated to those expenses.

How to create An Expense Report?

There are software and apps that specifically made to help us create expense reports. One of the most favorite software used is Microsoft excel. The software is reliable and comes with a wide variety of templates for expense reports.

Other alternatives for Microsoft Excel are OpenOffice Calc, LibreOffice Calc, and also Google sheets, these apps is free.

How to Create an Expense Report Form from Microsoft Excel Template

As mentioned above, Microsoft excel has already provided template that you could just sill it right away. All we need to do is select our favorite template and do some tweaks and changes according to our needs.

1.      Search the Template

In the excel windows we need to go to “file -> new -> Form -> Expense report”. Alternatively we can search templates for expense report in the search box and the program will show you a list of form for the case.

2.      Pick the Template

If you have found your favorite template and form to create your expense report, you can pick that by click download button in the right section of the windows

3.      Set up the Table and Insert Data

We need to modify or adjust the table to meet our preference and requirements, we can add extra column and rows if necessary. We can also add company name or logo to make the expense report look way more professional. Don’t forget to crosscheck expense list you entered before printing the final result.

How to Create an Expense Report Form from Scratch

If you don’t have an internet connection, you might not be able to download a suitable template. It might be frustrating, but you could also make the expense report form from scratch.

1.      Using all capital letter, write down expense report on the top middle of the page

2.      Put the logo and name of the company on the top

3.      Put a blank draft for purpose, name, department, statement number, position, and manager

4.      Create tables with date, description, transportation, lodging, meals, other, and total

5.      Under the tables, insert the subtotal, and comments.

6.      In the bottom down, put a column for approval sign, and date.

Now, you could make your own expense report. Avoid mark up and keep being honest to prevent penalties. It might also harm your company. Use the idea of how to create an expense report form professionally for positive things.