How To Write A Good Meeting Minutes

How To Write A Good Meeting Minutes

A meeting minutes is a document used to record everything that’s happened during a meeting along with its outcomes and decisions that will be used for follow up purposes later. A good meeting minutes is not only clear, accurate and to the point but also don’t leave out other critical information that might be useful. Good meeting minutes will tell audiences what was decided and what they need to do after the meeting over.

Arranging a meeting minutes can take time and seem like an easy task, but it is actually tricky and can be costly in terms of time and resources. If meeting outcomes are not well recorded, those actions and tasks agreed on the meeting will be forgotten or may not achieved by the due date. This may end up to have another meeting to cover the same topic.

When it comes to create a meeting minutes, there will be several preparations and actions should be done in order to get the most from the meeting.

Get Prepared for the Meeting

A well preparation will help ensure to get the points of the meeting. We need to learn a little bit regarding the meeting, such as the reason for the meeting, what this meeting is about and where and when it will be held.

Attend The Meeting and Take Notes

We don’t need to record conversations word for word, but we need to summarize it into simple sentences. There are some important points should be included in the meeting minutes like what was achieved during the meeting, the decisions and actions agreed.

Finalize It

We can use template from Microsoft Word to organize topics and points achieved during the meeting and produce a well designed meeting minutes.

We can create a draft of meeting minutes and send it to the meeting leader for review before sending the final copy to attendees. This can be checkpoint to review the meeting, correcting the wrongs, or to add an additional point.

That’s all.