How To Create A Shopping Or Grocery List Template In Excel

How To Create A Shopping Or Grocery List Template In Excel

Having a grocery list can be helpful especially when we are planning to go to shop or department store. If we come with no preparation we might forget something and just remember it after we finally arriving home.

This can be frustrating and wasting time, thus we need to prepare our shopping or grocery list first before leaving home. Having a grocery list can help us streamlining our purchases and significantly decrease the chance of missing out the important items.

In this post, We want to share how to create a simple grocery list in Excel. We can actually write down all of shopping list in a paper, or we can create one template in Excel as a master copy that we can print and use regularly.

Microsoft Excel is great grocery list maker, we can arrange all of items in a single worksheet. This method is preferred since we can easily modify our grocery list, add or remove shopping items, and easily print copies.

Place Items into Categories

Brainstorm and prepare categories of items we want to purchase. We can divide those items into categories to make it easier to streamline our purchases. These items can be organized by the location, or by product type. This will also help us to shop effectively, since these items would be found on the same location.

Configure Columns

After we divide items into categories we can start creating columns in Excel and add multiple categories for every segment. We can also add extra columns as boxes to fill out other information like quantity next to item’s name.

List Grocery Items

The last step is to list items we want to purchase to segment we created before, we can also include extra information like quantity in the next columns. Don’t forget to save it to your drive as master copy which can be edited for later use. Also please make it fit into a single sheet of paper as we do not want to carry multiple papers when we are at the supermarket.

That’s all, and below are some inspirations to help you create your own shopping list or grocery list template. Enjoy!